We've had a lot of fun with technology so far.
It's time to find even better uses for our smarts.

Let's get going.

What I Do

I'm a Creative Director and Marketing Communicator in Sustainability, Renewables, and Cleantech.

I make websites, develop brands, and tailor communications to make a big impact.

An art technology startup I founded was recently acquired and I'm ready to go again.


Why I Do It

I love creatively applying technology to solve big problems.

And we've got a big problem to solve - we've overconsumed the planet. We're going to have to be very creative and apply amazing technology to get out of this one.

I see a lot of opportunity. Let's do it.


My Work

I'm a seasoned Creative Director and Director of Marketing + Communications who brings a visual approach to making technology understandable and appealing to the end user.

Say Hello.

I'm based in Austin, Texas. So if you're in them parts, stop by and say "hey".

Send me an email, or get in touch on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, or Dripbook.